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Skype offers Translator Preview Download for all users

Skype offers to download Translator preview for all its users as per a blog post from the company. This Translator preview is made available for the users of Windows 8.1 PC or Table original site. Formerly, the users of Skype used to sign up in order to check out the application. But now, Skype made it available in the Windows Store and the users can easily download it onto their device.

In spite of early preview was made available in the month of December, but it was not launched because of some translation issues. In the last five months, Microsoft has collected adequate feedback from its adopters and now it has decided to provide this translator preview app to everyone.

Skype Translator Preview


Currently, the Skype Translator Preview supports four major spoken languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin and 50 other Instant Messaging [IM] languages. According to the blog post, “By means of this instant messaging language, the customers are given access to write a text message in their desired language and the recipient receives that message as per their choice of language.

How does it work?

The app displays a real-time translation of a chat in the desired language of both sender and receiver. Initially, you must download the translator app on your device. As soon as the app gets installed on your device, you have to open Skype and select a friend with whom you wish to start a conversation in another language. Then, you need to switch the “Translate on” present in the options and set the language of your friend. In real-time, the Video or Audio call gets translated automatically into text format and Audio format. All the spoken words are translated in the form of text and audio format.

Microsoft is offering this Skype Translator Preview app in order to eliminate language barriers so that everyone can benefit by utilising this amazing translator app. Stay connected with your beloved ones through Skype Translator Preview app.

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