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How to use the Showbox App:

After you have successfully downloaded the Showbox app and launched it on your android device, click on the icon to open the Showbox application.

Go to the top menu bar option inside the Showbox app. Now, you can either select your free HD movie or TV show from the recent options, browse the categories to select a TV show or movie of your choice, or even type a specific name of a TV show or movie on the menu bar option of Showbox.

You can now easily watch the HD movie or TV show online, or even choose to watch it offline by downloading the movie or TV show on your android device just follow the same Steps to download showbox for iPhone. You can even choose different qualities of the video, in case you do not want to watch or download the HD version of the movie or TV show.

Is it Legal?

  • Another question comes that as this app is not on Play Store, is it legal to download from the outside links? Yes, it is. ‘Show Box’ is absolutely safe to download from outside. It is associated with a trusted outside source. Don’t think of it too much, just install for one time and get unlimited media access on every single day for the lifetime.
  • So, don’t miss any single episode of your favorite TV show and don’t be upset for missing your favorite movies. Install ‘Show Box’ and it will serve you your favorite media content. Therefore it’s a recommendation for all film buffs and TV show addicts to install this service which is not associated with any kind of dawdles.
    Functioning of Showbox-
  • It can control six individual outlets through the android phones. Each outlet can connect ten thousand LED and four hundred fiery lights. It is the most advanced way to control the lights and synchronize them with the music.
  • The blazing lights function in a very efficient and it an effective manner. We can also adjust those lights according to our needs. This movie application even works on I-phones, android phones and laptops. This application is also user friendly.


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