JKCHS Islamabad

JKCHS Islamabad

Jammu Kashmir Co-operative Housing Society Islamabad

A Brief  Introduction of JKCHS Islamabad

Ever since the inception of JKCHS in 1980 it remained committed in developing land and has achieved a great name in the region which is evident from the confidence bestowed upon us by the members. The major projects that society has accopmplished in the recent past are as under.



1) Khayaban-e-Kashmir

With the name of Allah we are proud to launch Agro Farming Scheme (extension), in CDA Zone-IV Islamabad. We expect it to be a landmark of great achievement. We hope our consistent efforts will serve a great deal to our worthy members. Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. Islamabad (JKCHS) will become a role model to all the cooperative societies, builders and developers through out the country> Agro Farming scheme is an assurance of success and security of your investment in JKCHS. We the family of JKCHS is grateful to all the members for joining us in making this society a great success and making this beautiful city a peaceful place to live. The government’s commitment to excellence and efficacy is evident in the capital city with sate of the art projects and futuristic development.

CDA Zone-IV Islamabad

The rapid progress in the housing schemes has made Islamabad the centre of attraction for peaceful living. The development of Agro Farms are planned focusing the modern trends and traditional style.

The Agro Farms Scheme in the capital city gibe a concept of future vision of a land with magnificent potentials and quality living in most conducive environments. The Agro Farms Scheme namely Khayaban-e-Kashmir-2 of JKCHS has been launched with the permission of Registrar, Cooperative Societies, ICT , Islamabad (Deputy Commissioner Islamabad) vide letter No.429/CR/ICT/B dated 05-04-2005 and Capital Development Authority, Islamabad vide their letter No. CDA/ PLW-RPI (1054)/2005/327 dated 9th May 2005.

Major Achievements/ Projects of JKCHS

Khayaban-e-Kashmir, G-15/F-15 Sector, Islamabad.

Total Land                                          3482 Kanals.

Total Plots                                           2799

Plot Size                                              200, 356, 500, 600, 1000 sq.yds

Possession of plots is being given to allotee Members of this Scheme at the ent of 2006.

Khayaban-e-Kashmir, G-15/F-15 (Extension) Islamabad

Total Land                                          1704 Kanals

Total Plots                                           1271

Plots Size                                            200, 272, 356, 500, 600 sq.yds.

Layout Plan of Sector F-16 has been approved by the CDA vide their letter No. CDA/PLW/UP (157)/05-6550 dated 24-11-2005 and Layout Plan of Sector F- 15 is under process for approval in the CDA. The contract for development has been awarded.

Khayaban-e-Kashmir, F-15/F-16 (Extension) Islamabad

Total Land                                          3325 Kanals

Total Plots                                           2909

Plots Size                                            200, 272, 356, 500, 600 sq.yds.

Most of the allottees Members has been given possession of plots allotted to them.

Khaybane-e-Kashmir-2 Zone V

Total Land                                          5000

Total Plots                                           3255

Plots Size                                            200,272, 356, 500, 600, sq.yds.

Layout Plan of this Scheme is approved by the CDA.

                                                                                           Old Payment Plan 
ZONE v Payment Plan-page0001

Agro Farms, Zone-IV, Islamabad.

Total Land                                          5000 Kanals

Farm Size                                            20 Kanals each
Farm Size                                            10 Kanals each

Farm Size                                            8 Kanals each

Farm Size                                            4 Kanals each

Layout Plan has been submitted to the CDA for approval. The development work will start soon after the approval of the Layout Plan.

Flats/Apartments G-15/F-15

Total Flats                                           288

Category A                                         3-Bed luxury with servant Qtr(2339 sq.yads)

Category B                                          2-Bed Luxury with servant Qtr(1947 sq.yads)

Category C                                          2bed Economy                          (1533 sqyads)

The construction of flats has been completed. The structure of five blocks is also completed. The possession of the flats is being given to the allottees by the end of 2008.

Community Center G-15

The Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society undertook a mega project to construct a Community Center in G-16 Sector which is almost completed. It consists of a marriage hall, a mini mart and a sports club. Society office has been shifted in this Community center.